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Megyn Kelly calls Kim Kardashian a “fake ass” after the reality star was booed at an NFL game

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‘I don‘t feel sorry for her

Megyn Kelly isn’t crying for Kim Kardashian after the reality star was criticized mercilessly during Sunday’s Los Angeles Rams game.

“I do not feel empathetic toward Kim Kardashian,” Kelly said on an episode of The Megyn Kelly Show this week.

The Skims CEO was shown on the jumbotron at SoFi Stadium during the Cowboys-Rams game on Sunday. When she saw herself on the screen, she blew a kiss to the camera, but she was met with a negative reaction from the audience.

During a segment of her show this week, Kelly slammed the media’s obsession with Kardashian and the rest of her family.

“I’ve been going on a tear over her for the past couple of days because every time I open my paper, there she is again, and I find it deeply alarming … I don‘t feel sorry for her,” Kelly said.

“Like, what are we celebrating? Her enormous fake ass? Her extreme plastic surgery? She has orchestrated every single one of the photographs you’ve ever seen (of her). Every single time, the paparazzi have been lured by her, and then she shows the bottom, and then she Photoshops it, and then she denies she’s done any of that s—. Girls all over America are asking, ‘Why isn’t my bottom five times the size that it is without any surgery? I must be inadequate.’”

Kelly said the fact that the crowd booed Kardashian is proof that most Americans are “getting sick of narcissistic, vain, self-promotional, ‘rules don’t apply to me’ people like her. Like Meghan Markle.”

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