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‘Mulan’ creators ‘excited’ over the public getting to see the film on ‘Disney+’

With the live action remake of Mulan getting pushed back for an indefinite period of time given COVID-19, the creators of the film finally pushed to make the live-action adaptation available for viewership on Disney Plus.

Cinematographer Mandy Walker spoke about his elation during an interview with Insider. During the course of his conversation he was quoted saying, “I’m just excited that people can see it.”

Touching upon the current global shift, Walker admits, “Our industry is not being run the way it normally is. So I understood why it happened.”

He also added, “I’m really proud of how it turned out and that we executed [director] Niki [Caro’s] vision in the way that she wanted. I love people seeing my movies on the big screen, but, for me, during this time, I just think it’s really important that people see it. A lot of people have got great TVs now. I’d rather people are getting joy from it than not seeing it at all.”

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